These are the things I celebrate:

The beauty of my grandmother’s garden, with its blossoms that sing in the sun.

Dances my sisters danced before me that now I make my own.

The stories of my parents that I see in my dreams.

The enchantment of an evening in Seoul.

I am Asian, I am American, and these are the things I celebrate.

Titmouse and Camellias (right), Sparrow and Wild Roses (center), and Black-naped Oriole and Cherry Blossoms (left). ca. 1833, Utagawa Hiroshige. Met Museum, New York


This 30-second TV script is from around May 2006 for a local TV station celebrating Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Check out the fantastic resources at the Smithsonian’s Asia Pacific Center for more background on the history, culture, and achievements of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders here.

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